9th Salsa Spring Festival 2018

Salsa Spring Dance Prod is proud to present you with another great event !

Next May 2018, the whole salsa world tunes into Athens!

A select group of DJs will be playing the best music in every one of our 3 amazing parties and don’t forget that for the sixth time in a row, the festival hosts a qualification round for the World Latin Dance Cup! If you have what it takes, a direct qualification to the finals could be yours!

Salsa Spring Festival

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9th Salsa Spring Festival 24-27 May 2018 !

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Stathis “Dr Bo”


Stathis, also known as Dr Bo is an experienced dancer & instructor specializing in New York Style (On2). Being one of the most active salseros & party planners in Greece, he has built a strong reputation due to his dancing quality, teaching method & extravagant personality.

Bersy Cortez


L.A Dance Academy (Alejandro y Nefeli)


Alexandros & Nefeli are a Salsa couple known for their innovate ways of teaching and owners of one of the biggest salsa schools in Greece. L.A Dance Academy is coming to make the difference at the Athens Salsa Spring Festival, offering 3 hours of workshops. Salsa Cubana (Alejandro y Nefeli), L.A (St@m), and Kizomba (Manos & Dimitra).

Semina Dourida


Semina is a dance teacher and a fitness instructor. From an early age she has been taught different kind of dances such as Latin, funky jazz, ballet, contemporary and more. Now she creates her unique teaching style by combining them all together. Join her lesson and through her special Show feel the love for DANCE…

Pablo & Georgia

Greece & Cyprus

Sonali & Adi


Mike G (Danza Ardiente)


A creative and inspired artist.He is known for his own and unique style. He specializes on different styles like New Style Hip-Hop,Popping\Dubstep,Lyrical and salsa Hip-Hop.His performances and choreos focus on musicality,sharp and dynamic movements and a lot of theatrical elements.

Bailando Salsa School


One of the best salsa schools in Cyprus (Limassol), founded in 2000 by siblings Evi and Nicos Panayiotou with many shows and performances all around the world !

Arinson Lopez

Dominican Republic

One of the pioneers of LA Style Salsa and Bachata in Greece, Arinson Lopez is also known for his fusion of latin dances with Hip Hop & acrobatics.

Dimitris SLM


Dimitris SLM “travels around” the world of Street Latin since 2006. His favorites dances are BachaTango, Salsa Rueda de Casino and Tango Salon. For the last 4 years he activates strongly in Naxos island with his team StreetLatin Danzart, spreading the Salsa vibes all over Aegean Sea!!

Kostas & Irene

Greece, Chania

Kostas and Irene are pioneers of Salsa NY style in Crete, where in 2013 founded the SonArte Dance Company.
They are a dance couple for the last 5 years,with participations in festivals such as Riga,Varna and more.
They also specialise in Kizomba and bachata.

Ezgi Zaman


John & Sofia


Elena D


Tropical Gem


Tropical Gem is the most prestigious international salsa company in the world. Has a particular style, a mixture of American and Latino rhythms such as salsa, cha cha cha, rumba and hip hop. The leader Fernando Sosa and his team will be in the house for an “once in life” performance.

Angel & Athina (Fuera De Vista)

Mexico & Greece

Angel & Athina are no strangers to variety, with their shows and lessons covering Salsa LA Style (On1), Bachata, as well as Hip Hop. At the side of Eric Lalta they are now exploring further genres and performing in major festivals such as the Berlin Salsa Congress.

Salsa Sinners Dance Company

Cyprus & Greece

Salsa Sinners leading by Kiki Kakoulis is one of the top professional dance crew in Greece, with a prolific carreer of performances in festivals both in Greece and abroad, combining hardcore Salsa with theatrical elements and story-telling.

Dimitris Mavro


After a rich experience for more than 10 years in performing and teaching salsa LA style (on 1) in famous salsa schools in Athens, Dimitris Mavro is in particular noted for his creativity in social partner work. Through the years he has developed his own teaching techniques which combine quick learning with entertainment.

Miler Rodriguez & Georgia

Mexico, Greece

Los Salseros De Lesvos

Greece, Mitilini

The salsa dance team from the island of Lesvos ! We prowdly present them and welcome to our event !!!

Marco Ferrigno & Karel Flores

Italy, Mexico

Marco have the honour of working for the past 6 years with dancers NATALIA LOPEZ TOLEDANO AND JESSICA QUILES HERNANDEZ (2013 champion of open sauce of puerto rico) as part of ANSIMA PRODUCTION BALLET currently one of the best dance companies worldwide.

Panagiotis & Myrto (SalsaDoo DC)


Panagiotis & Myrto are a Salsa couple known for their tremendous speed and virtually limitless moves. One of their hotspot, the 9th place in Salsa on 2 category in the 2012 World Latin Dance Cup in Miami. Owners of one of biggest salsa school in Athens, SalsaDoo Dance School.

Byron Espin


Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcano

Chile & Argentina

Salsa World Champions 2012, 2013 and 2014 on Salsa Cabaret Division…they are coming to Athens for first time performing two breathtaken shows and and offering 3 hours workshops..!

En Horo DC

Greece, Chania

En Horo DC comprises of: George, Nikol, Kostas, Mariantzela, Chrisanthi and Konstantinos. TThey specialize on Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2, pachanga and cha cha boogaloo and have been among the leading Salsa artists in the city of Chania over the last 5 years.

I Diamanti


Kayc & Karen


Kayce coming from a hip hop / breaking background and karen coming from a hiphop / jazz background are both full time dancers and instructors at makriss dance ministry ( mdm ). They are involved in dozens of music videos and concerts for both national and local artists. They competed in many local and national competitions like So You Think You Can

Chen & Yair





Dj Patrick


DJ George


DJ George has been spinning salsa since 2008. Among his favorites are Ismael Rivera, Ray Barretto and Charlie Palmieri. He has a passion for piano solos and collecting vinyls.

Dj Juan


DJ Juan is among the favourite DJs of the salseras due to his refined taste in Salsa Romantica and Bachata. As a member of the Sentimiento Latino project he has organized many successful events in the Athens Salsa scene.

Dj Snakes


Dj Alnova


Dj Vasilio P


Dj Panos


Dj Mauri


Dj Tulimar


DJ Estelio ‘El Social’


His excellent DJs sets for social dancing have earned him the nickname of ‘El Social’. Besides being one of the most popular DJs in central Greece, Estelio has also had the experience of spinning Salsa in New York, Malta & more.




Club Casino Loutraki Conference Center



The award winning, illustrious 5 * Club Hotel Casino Loutraki opens its doors on Thurday 24 May 2018 to welcome the biggest Salsa Festival in Greece!

Enjoy 3 magical days and nights in the exquisite areas of CHCL!

Pools, fountains and artificial streams alternate harmoniously, creating a dramatic backdrop to the gardens and a ready status for Sundays pool party! The outdoor pools are almost joined with the sea, offering a unique image for you to enjoy, while sunbathing.


  • The Hotels surroundings, idyllic and full of color with 60000 seasonal flowers along with centenarian palms, 100 year old olives and citrus trees that create a refreshing atmosphere on the gardens.

  • A 50sqm stage will host the SSF show collection!

  • We have selected the best instructors and hotel halls for your workshops!

  • Within the Hotel, at the Lucky Shop store you will be able to find magazines, tobacco, cosmetics and gifts.

  • For those who choose to stay at the CHCL, SPA and GYM access is free of charge.

  • If weather permits, there will be Water Sports too!

  • For all our Saleros joining with their kids, the Loutraki Pirates Club will be able to keep them busy for all the time you need to dance (in consultation with the hotel).

  • 900 Underground parking spaces. The biggest Casino in Greece is available for you to try your luck! (for participants over 18years of age)

  • Juts one hour from the center of Athens (82Km) and 13minutes from the Korinth Suburban railroad station (7Km).

  • Is there a better place for your to live the experience that listens to the name Salsa Spring Festival?!?!




Festival Schedule


Salsa Spring Festival is here for you !


 Click here to show Schedule!


Download it in pdf format and get ready for an amazing weekend !



Salsa Spring Festival shuttle bus itineraries


Friday 5/5

From Pireaus port to Loutraki



From Athens International Airport to Loutraki

08.30, 09.30, 10.45, 13.00, 15.00, 16.30, 17.30, 19.00


From Athens city center (metro station FIX) to Loutraki

13.00, 18.00


Sunday 7/5

From Loutraki to Athens International Airport

12.00, 17.00


Monday 8/5

From Loutraki to Athens city center (metro station FIX)

03.30, 13.30


From Loutraki to Athens International Airport

03.00, 05.00, 07.00, 09.00, 12.00, 15.00, 18.00, 13.30


Transportation cost: 15 euros per route per person.


Book your seat by filling this form:



By Car:

Syntagma Square – Club Hotel Casino Loutraki:  82 km – 1 hour

CHCL Address: 48 Poseidonos Ave, Loutraki 20300

Google Maps Route from Athens: https://goo.gl/maps/SYwBEWa4wfC2(link is external)

How do you arrive from the Korinth Suburban Railroad station to CHCL by car: (As Starting point for the suburban Rail you can choose the airport, Athens Suburban Stations or through connection with train, from Patras, Volos and Thessaloniki): https://goo.gl/maps/fG7wD6VWj212(link is external)



By Suburban Railroad:

Blue Line from the Airport will take you directly to the Korinth Suburban railroad station.

From Patras, there is a direct bus line that connects the city with the Korinth Suburban railroad station.

White Line from Larisa, Volo and Thessaloniki or Brown line from Piraeus (towards Halkida) and you switch trains at the S.K.A(Acharnon Main Railroad Station) interchange Station and take the Blue line towards Korinth.

You can arrive at the Suburban Station from Athens from the following stations:

Doukisis Plakentias (Blue Metro Line)

Neratziotisa (ISAP Green Line)

Stathmos Larisis (Red Metro Line & Brown Line from Pireaus)

For general information, Tickets availability and pricing, please visit: www.trainose.gr(link is external)



By Bus KTEL Service:

Korinthos KTEL, 4 Dimokratias str., korinthos, phone: 27410 75410,  http://www.ktelkorinthias.gr/en/(link is external)

KTEL Athens Office of Kifissos: 2105150287

KTEL Loutraki Office: 27410 22262


WLDC Qualifiers 2018

For the 6th consecutive year, World Latin Dance Cup qualifications will be held during the 8th Salsa Spring Festival, 24-27 May 2018.

WLDC is brought you by Kiki Kakoulis in association with Albert Torres Productions.



Salsa Pro

The three first places will be qualified to the WLDC Finals in Miami

Participation fee: 90 euros per couple

First place prize: 250 euros

Bachata Pro

The three first places will be qualified to the WLDC Finals in Miami

Participation fee: 90 euros per couple

First place prize: 250 euros

Salsa Pro-Am (teacher and student)

The three first places will be qualified to the WLDC Finals in Miami

Participation fee: 60 euros per couple

First place prize: 100 euros

Bachata Pro-Am (teacher and student)

The three first places will be qualified to the WLDC Finals in Miami

Participation fee: 60 euros per couple

First place prize: 100 euros

Ladies Pro

The three first places will be qualified to the WLDC Finals in Miami

Participation fee: 50 euros per couple

First place prize: 100 euros

Men Solo Pro

The three first places will be qualified to the WLDC Finals in Miami

Participation fee: 50 euros per couple

First place prize: 100 euros

General RulesRegulations



Important note: Salsa Spring Dance Productions accepts changing the name of a booking to another person if the original holder is unable to attend the festival. Note however that if neither the original holder nor another party in their place are able to attend the festival, the payment will not be refunded.



To reserve a festival pass, please e-mail us at bookings@salsaspring.gr indicating the number and type of passes and providing your personal information.




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